Perfect homogeneous lighting signs made of solid acrylic with embedded LEDs

Our Star Product

LumiBloc is a collection of premium acrylic letters meticulously illuminated by individually embedded LEDs.


Perfectly sealed in resin to withstand water, LumiBloc is completely waterproof and suitable for wet environment.

100% Uniform Lighting.

With dot-by-dot LEDs embedded evenly in its core, LumiBloc ensures impeccably homogeneous lighting.

Thin Stroke.

LumiBloc features a minimum stroke width of 11mm, providing consistent lighting even in the tiniest corners.

Fully Customized.

Unlock endless possibilities with our wide temperature range, various vinyl films and acrylic color choices.

Front Lit

The most classic and popular collection: perfectly uniform face lighting with vinyl-coating options, back and returns painted opaque.

Side Lit

Full return illuminated for thick-stroked letters, and partial return illuminated for slimmer letters. Face and back painted opaque.

Back Lit

This range offers stunning halo effects with perfect light diffusion. Opaque paint on face and returns, with acrylic back diffusing.


Our complete customization options allow us to adapt to any project, catering to your unique requirements.

You can customize with lighting, painting, vinyl film, acrylics, and more through our production unit:

LED ColorKelvin color temperature from 3000˚k to 6500˚k / Colored LEDs are also available: red, green, blue, yellow, orange and purple

Painting Color

Our extensive color palette includes RAL K7 Classic, Pantone Solid Coated, and custom colors

Vinyl Film

We work exclusively with premium brands like Avery Dennison® 4500TF / 5500TF (partial) and 3M® 3630, plus UV printing options


We collaborate with American, European, and Asian suppliers, offering a wide range of acrylic choices, including popular brands like Respect® and PT®

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